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2012 Libertarian Presidential Nominee
Former Governor of New Mexico

Gary Johnson

Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson

Johnson position on Abortion

A qualified yes. Johnson believes that a woman has the right to decide on the matter until a point of the viability of the fetus has been reached. As Governor of New Mexico, Johnson signed a law that banned late term abortion.

“ Well I support a woman’s right to choose up until viability of the fetus, as governor of New Mexico, I have signed a bill banning late term abortion, I’ve always favored parental notification, I’ve always favored counseling and I’ve always favored the notion that public funds should not be used for abortion. So running for Governor of New Mexico in a state that was 2:1 Democrat, I really didn’t get that vote in the primary, but I’d like to think that I got all of those votes in the general election and that’s a reality here also, for those individuals that hold that as their number one issue, I’m not going to get that vote, I would hope to get that vote if I were to move on to the general election.”
May 5, 2011 Fox News Republican Presidential Debate, Greenville, South Carolina

Federal ban on abortions/ Roe v. Wade

Johnson believes that Roe v. Wade is extraconstitutional and has wrongfully given the government the mandate to intrude on the private lives of Americans.

“Judges should be appointed who will interpret the Constitution according to its original meaning. Any court decision that does not follow this original meaning of the Constitution should be revisited. That is particularly true of decisions such as Roe vs. Wade, which have expanded the reach of the Federal government into areas of society never envisioned in the Constitution. With the overturning of Roe vs Wade, laws regarding abortion would be decided by the individual states.”
Extracted from Gary Johnson’s Our America Initiative site

Parental notification

“… and I’ve also as Governor of New Mexico supported parental notification. I’ve also always supported counseling.”
August 25, 2011: Johnson speaking to CNSNews’ Editor-in-Chief Terry Jeffrey (Online With Terry Jeffrey)

“I believe that parents ought to know.”
1 Jan 2001, Playboy Magazine

Planned Parenthood
While not specifically addressing the issue, Johnson’s belief that public funds should not be used for abortions conveys the impression that he is against federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

“I’ve always favored the notion of no public funds being used for abortion.”
June 8, 2011: Johnson speaking on C-Span’s Road to the White House 2012

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